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22 Timog Ave., Quezon City, Philippines
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Lim Labitoria Dela Cruz & Partners Law Firm

Lady Justice

Our company’s legal arm, Lim Labitoria Dela Cruz & Partners Law Firm (LLDP Law, formerly Lin & Partners), is highly knowledgeable on government regulations and laws that are essential for your business operations in the Philippines. We are here to guide you, and ease your qualms on legalese.

Our main competence is Corporate, Taxation, Real Estate and Intellectual Property Law among others. It includes the prosecution of intellectual property infringement and unfair competition; a crucial supplement to the services provided by IPRA Inc.

Even then, the firm provides holistic legal assistance to businesses, as we have accumulated vast experience on the following fields of law:

  • Intellectual Property
  • Telecommunication
  • Real Estate
  • Taxation
  • Immigration and Deportation
  • Customs, Importation and Exportation
  • Corporate Practices and Securities
  • Specialized Practices (Mining, Energy)
  • Labor Laws

Reluctant to confront your legal concerns head on? Let’s simplify things.